June 8th, 2008

A short step towards the FreeBSD migration

More than one year has past since I began exploring the opportunity of using Unix BSD in a business scenario and, against all my expectations to find some big weakness, I realized that there are actually many advantages in implementing this technology. To be exaustive, I must say that a lot of this advantage come from the weakness of the new Microsoft technologies, whose aspects can be summarized in the slogan “do less with more”, and which has made me looking for something to be evaluated as good replacement! 🙁

After a lot of implementations of BSD systems both in test and production environments, today I began the first “true pilot” process for migrating from Microsoft to Unix (urgh… I didn’t ever believe to write these words!). A near-production Windows server, Intel x86 dual processor with 1 Gb of RAM and a couple of volumes based on Ultra3 SCSI Adaptec RAID technology has been reinstalled using FreeBSD RELENG_7_0, on which I’m going to build a complete jailed ecosystem. It’s not the first time that I do this process of course, but that’s the first one I put in action in my network, using a “real server” hardware.

The perspective to run more that ten jails on a single host (whose hardware is actually eight years old!) makes me thinking that the goal seems really to be reacheable now: “do more with less”! 😉

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