Single Sign-On

Yesterday morning, instead of starting to do what I had to do, I began fixing a couple of problems which were annoying me from a lot of weeks.
One of the main concerns I solved was the need to enter the same credential each time an external user gains access to a web site published by my array of ISA servers.
In effect, ISA 2006 come with the SSO Web Listener functionality, but when I last worked on it, I had more urgent tasks to accomplish, so I did not find the time for testing and bringing it in the production environment.

My first impression in a test environment was good, so I spent some hours (obviously after midnight) to activate this function on the production servers. Some troubles, mostly due to the Outlook Web Access application configuration, but at the end I reached the goal: now you are requested for credential one time only, and the user experience in accessing the Phoibos online services has been dramatically improved (have a try with it at… thanks you one more time, ISA! 😉