CommuniGate in production

The migration process I began some days ago to the new CommuniGate Pro platform has successfully completed today. Surely, a lot of things might be improved, but all the majour features needed by our internal corporate usersare just available.

Some troubles were encountered in porting old calendar and contact data from the old system, but we have managed to fill all the gaps we encountered by now. The new system will allow us to consolidate both asyncronous and syncronous collaboration services (such as mail, calendar, contacts, presence, IM and even VoIP) into one single, robust, dependable, highly scalable and secure Unix server.

We are trying the Mailshell SpamCatcher plugin to filter the spam remaining after all incoming messages have been inspected by our Sendmail frontend servers, and it seems to be quite a good alternative to the Exchange Intelligent Message Filter which is based on Microsoft’s SmartScreen technology.

This work makes up the biggest step towards a broader migration process to technologies and products out the Microsoft’s world, since the Redmond’s software house missed the promise to bring its customers to reliable but cost effective IT solutions. Quite all today’s products from Microsoft are unreliable and cost-prone both in implementation and management terms.

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