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After I spent some hours yesterday night to get some information from the Net, I downloaded the latest version of the blogging software from Microsoft.  Currently I post in this personal weblog only by using the web interface provided by the WordPress engine, while I use Microsoft Office Word 2003 to write down the articles I publish on my corporate blog.

Whereas I’ve already tested some blogging tools like the Zoundry Blog Writer, I choose to use Microsoft Word because of the need to send all posts to a person who checks the language before publishing.  Moreover, I’ve told that the Microsoft tool for blogging, almost in its beta release, was something ugly to use and badly integrated with the most of blogging engines.

Yesterday night I read a good review of the latest revision of Windows Live Writer, so I decided to have a try with it, and I realized it is the best blog writer I’ve ever tested since I began to writing and publishing articles in that way! Despite of its beta revision status, it looks like a fully functional and perfectly integrated tool, both with the WordPress and the Community Server engines. Saving local drafts in the user’s personal documents folder is a great feature for persons like me that have it redirected on a server share, since I can start writing a post on a PC and complete it on another.

The only thing I wish, and I think Microsoft will do so, is to get the blogging feature of Live Writer integrated with other writing tools (maybe in the Office System), to make even more simple to edit, print, save and share blog posts, as we do with any other Office document.

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