Phoibos blogs migrated to WordPress 2.1

A few days ago I noticed that the latest version of WP had been released with a lot of improvements. The new feature which made me decide to upgrade the whole Phoibos blog hosting environment has been the least important one, of course: the redesigned login screen from the Shuttle project. I was bored by the old login theme so, by following such a stupid reason, last night I upgraded from the quite recent 2.0.6 to the new 2.1 WordPress edition (codename “Ella”).
No technical problems at this time, surely because I ran a full MySQL and WP backup before step into the upgrade procedure. Quite simple upgrade: I think I finally got confidence with it!

I took the time also for redesign the Phoibos blog hosting home page by using the new style! Now it looks like the “Shuttle” login screen. If you want to give a look at the old one, it’s still available here.