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I’ve just read the “wpDirAuth-Versionen” post written in Dutch by Damian, who wish to have it published in English too. I do not know very much about Dutch neither English, but I think he had done a great job for the WordPress community, since this plugin has a tremendous impact on the usage of WordPress in the business environment, and I’m glad to post a translation of his article here.

wpDirAuth is a useful plugin to create WordPress user accounts connected to an LDAP directory service. Unfortunately Stephane Daury, the developer who built it, does not seem to be interested in or to have the time to maintain it, so the project page, the  official WordPress plugin page, and even the Google groups wpdirauth-support and wpdirauth-dev are become stale. Despite of this, the plugin still seems to be functional: Adam Yeraout published on wpdirauth-support the 1.3 release for WordPress 2.5 and newer, Andrew Valsania wrote a patch to fix a password-check bug on his blog and published the 1.4 release.

In order to take under control this versioning chaos, since the project-trac without an Administrator has become not usable, I’ve created my personal SVN repository, which also contains a revision history at https://www.delta-phi.net/svn/wordpress/wpDirAuth/tags/. Obviously I can commit other patches to SVN, but if someone would take over this work I could give him/her a dump of the repository.

I’ll be glad if someone would publish the same post in English…”

Thank you so much for you work! I hope that someone would be interested in maintaining this plugin working and improving it even more.

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