Broken board on HP LaserJet P2015

Several weeks ago our network printer started to expose an odd behavior: a couple of minutes after each reboot the firmware was crashing, simply putting the printer offline. Any try to upgrade the firmware or reinstall it was useless, since the printer become unresponsive before the procedure was able to complete. A couple of days ago, I found this post: “HP Laserjet P2015 Error Lights (LED’s) Stuck On“.
It seems unbelievable, but putting the formatter board in a oven at about 180 Celsius degrees for 8-10 minutes solved the problem. This because of the poor assembly by the manufacturer: the chip was not correctly knitted to the board!! Thanks to this simple procedure we saved about 220 Euros the HP customer service would have been charged us because the warranty period was over.

We have experienced a long sequence of troubles with poor quality server products from HP, but after this last minor issue, I think this has been actually the last object we’ll ever buy from HP.