I finally got the time to make the wpDirAuth plugin function both on WordPress 2.5.1 and WordPress µ 1.5.1. My need is to migrate to the WPMU platform from Telligent’s Community Server as soon as possible, since I’m planning to port my entire corporate infrastructure from MSFT to the more dependable BSD Unix technology.

Unfortunately the 1.2 version of this plugin simply didn’t work on the latest versions of WP, so I had to apply the Patch for WordPress 2.5 compatibility kindly published by Adam Yearout. As now, I’ve only got the time to test it against Microsoft Active Directory LDAP servers, but I plan to try it in an Apple Open Directory environment before put it in production. The pilot blog collection can be accessed at the well-known Valsania Corporate Blogs WMPU instance.

I’ve just tried to bind against an Apple Open Directory LDAP service, and the process is quite straightforward: the only real difference is the user object’s attribute to search for to identify the user who is logging in (sAMAccountName for AD, uid for OD), ad shown in the following image.

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As you see, in this example we have an OD domain named mydomain.local, and we are using the unprivileged user named dsquery to bind to the LDAP service.

NOTE: remember to populate the EMailAddress attribute of your users in Open Directory, if you whish to the required E-mail field in WordPress user profile to be automatically filled upon the first logon.

7 thoughts on “wpDirAuth

  1. Hi Andrew,

    Have you succedded to deploy wpDirAuth in Apple Open Directory enviroment?

    We are struggling to get it to work and couldn’t yet…

    Thank you very much for any help.

  2. >>apply the Patch for WordPress 2.5 compatibility kindly published by Adam Yearout

    How to apply this patch ???

  3. Hi Mike. It’s quite a common step in Unix environments… simply use the patch(1) command in the WordPress directory wp-content/plugins/wpdirauthdir:
    % patch wpDirAuth.php wpDirAuth-1.2-to-1.3.patch

    You can also download a pre-patched copy of wpDirAuth from Adam’s web site.

  4. In case anyone’s interested, wpDirAuth 1.3 from Adam Yearout’s patch also works via LDAP on a Novell SUSE Linux OES2 server that is plugged into Novell’s eDirectory. I just had success using that with a WordPress 2.5.1 blog.

  5. Hello, I’ve been using the plugin successfully, but now I’m facing an issue, I would like to disable user registration, I mean I have all my necessary ldap users already subscribed, and don’t want other random ldap user to subscribe anymore, I thought that just de-activating the option to register in WP would be enough, but it isn’t, every user from my ldap can still subscribe, if I deactivate wpdirauth plugin, nobody can enter the WP admin panel no more, so I’m desperately seeking a solution, and can’t find any support (the google group isn’t working anymore), thank you if you can help me !

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