May 10th, 2008

Jail system updated

A lot of time has past since my last post… in any blog of mine, I never had a lot of time to write, but during the last months I’ve been even more busy (if it was ever possible!).

These few lines only to mark that I’ve finally took the time to upgrade my BSDBOX03 server system to the new FreeBSD version (6.3-p2) for i386. I opted to the source upgrade method, by downloading the RELENG_6_3 source files via CVSup, compiling the userland and kernel binaries and installing them (first for the host, then for the jailed systems).

An interesting particular: the mergemaster(8) step, to which I did never give too much attention, which helped me to update the configuration tree (all files under the /etc) even on all the jailed machines, by using the “-D [path-to-jail-root]” switch.

Only one strange result: all the man pages report the “FreeBSD 6.2” version in the footer space… I’ve just reinstalled the man page ditribution and obviously rebuilt the whatis database, without resolving this little issue… anyone out there who has experienced the same behaviour?