September 10th, 2008

Migration to BSD near complete

With today’s named and dhcpd activation on a new FreeBSD jail, all the most important IT services  in my corporate network (databases, web applications, network services, e-mail and collaboration) have been migrated onto the Unix BSD architecture! Surely a lot of work should still be done: inbound and outbound web proxing for example, is still made by ISA Server because the last Exchange virtual machine needs to be published by that, but NGINX and Squid have been successfully tested in another production environment during the last months.

I’m too tired to write a complete report showing all the advantages gained thanks to the new platform, but I can say that I’m particulary satisfied by performance, functionalities and manegeability of the integrated communications server (about whom I’ve just posted) and the DNS and DHCP services (which are able to manage the DDNS requirements of both Windows client and server machines).