After I had setup it for a friend of mine, some days ago I decided to take a look to the Drupal open source CMS. As usual, I did not have the time to get in deep with it, but I feel it could be a good platform to develop on, mainly to build clean corporate public web sites (looking for theme developers…). Until I’ll be able to take a sharper look at its potential, I’ll publish my work-in-progress pages on http://drupal.valsania.it. Take it a look… I’ll be glad to read your opinion about Drupal as long as you’ll insert your comments to this post.

Windows Server 2003 SP2 deployed

Finally I got the time to update all production systems to this latest Service Pack from Microsoft. A few days ago I tested the update process in a development environment: I achieved some good results, but I was wondering about what would happen to Automatic Update client service database and repository.
On the production environment I’ve had the chance to leverage the undo disk feature of Microsoft Virtual Server because all my Windows servers are running as virtual guests: this has allowed me to update in a worry-free manner and to found the best method to clear all the Windows AU data, on both the client and the WSUS server.

The update process on all my corporate core system has gone now: if there won’t be any issue during the next two days, I’ll probably update all the Windows Server systems in the Phoibos hosting platform on Easter holidays!