I’ll be back ASAP

A log time has past since my last post on my corporate weblog, mainly because I’ve spent a lot of time to working on several tasks, both internally and externally to my company. During these months I’ve collected a lot of drafts about many arguments, mainly related to new business experiences, and I wish to publish them as soon as possible, hoping to have some time to spend on it during the next month. See you later! 🙂

Again on WordPress

Just upgraded all Phoibos hosted weblogs to the latest 2.2.1 WP version, mainly because of new XSS bugfixes. I’d like to move as sson as possible the whole Phoibos blog hosting collection to a new FreeBSD server (6.2-RELEASE) with the latest versions of Apache, PHP and MySQL. I’ll post the results as a comment when I’ll finish. 🙂