Corporate blogs upgraded to WP 3.0

After all single-instance WordPress blogs were upgraded in the past nights, today we have upgraded the WPMU blogs collection to the latest release of WordPress.
The most significative advantage of this major release is that the multi-user and the single-instance versions of WordPress has been finally merged. The upgrade process has been divided in two steps: at first, we checked on a dedicated WP 3.0 installation that all themes, plugins and WPMU plugins were working well with the new release, then the production instance of WPMU was definitely migrated. With a bit of care (read the post “Upgrading WordPress MU 2.9.2 to WordPress 3.0“), all worked well at the first shot, without any issue.

Even if WordPress is working pretty well for our publishing needs, I’m still committed to migrate all corporate blogs to Drupal as soon as possible, because its architecture is much more clean than WP’s one, and because it’s the foundation of several web apps we are deploying both for us and our customers. But I know that the time I’ll be able to allocate to this activity is less than what I need to work it out… 🙁