Upgrade pfSense cluster to 2.0-RELEASE

During the weekend we have migrated our main firewall system to the latest release of pfSense. Although we had spent some hours testing in a pilot environment, a couple of minor issues were encountered in the process, as outlined below.

We upgraded the main node at first (as suggested by the “Redundant Firewalls Upgrade Guide“. Then the secondary node was not syncing immediately after its upgrade, because the old webConfigurator SSL certificate was not selected by default. Selecting the right certificate and rebooting the 2nd node solved the problem.

Some bits of the OpenVPN configuration (we have been running a couple of site-to-site VPN) was not retained correctly: tun(4) interfaces disappeared in favour of the new “ovpns” interfaces, so a reassignment was needed. After a couple of clicks all was working again flawlessly.

A little more work is planned to polish the configuration (for example, the FTP proxy is now implemented in a different way, and there is no need to allow port TCP 21 to external WAN addresses), but all the main functions are here, and the performance of the webConfigurator interface seems to be drastically improved.
In conclusion, we are very satisfied by this new version, which we have been running in production since it was released a few weeks ago, for some customer’s new firewalls.