Migration to WordPress 2.0.6

On this evening I finally had five minutes to upgrade the blogging engine to the latest version (until now I was using the 2.0.4 release). First of all, I created a temporary blog to test the migration steps by the Codex guide then, after having backed up quickly all the hosted weblogs, I migrated the whole Phoibos blog hosting service.
After the upgrade, I was somewhat disappointed about the login page, since I was expecting to see the new skin, used by the MU edition… hoping to see it the next time. All other stuffs worked just great, nothing to complain about!

New home page

Yesterday I finally published a first page for the Phoibos blog hosting web site. Since I moved the hosting platform from WordPress µ to a collection of WordPress 2.0.4 sites, the first page has been publishing only a poor list of the active weblogs. By copying some elements of the wp-admin subsite I was able to create in a few minutes a good-looking page referencing all the hosted web spaces. I preferred to use skin elements of WordPress to gain the advantages this brand can bring to impress fist time users.

Phoibos blog hosting

Today the testing WordPress-MU infrastructure has been decommisioned to bring online a new free blog hosting service, running under the Phoibos project infrastructure. The root of the weblogs collection is published both for corporate and Internet users under http://weblogs.valsania.it, where you can find the updated list of all active blogs.

Despite the successful WPMU deployment realized during the development phases, the standard WordPress 2.0.4 version was preferred as the core engine of this new service, because of its better user-friendly blog management and isolation.

At the time I’m writing, if you wish to have a free blog on this infrastructure you have to send an e-mail request to webmaster@valsania.it. I hope to succesfully build a more simple provisioning system as soon as possible.

WordPress µ

This is the first message posted to my personal weblog, only for testing purposes. This new web space has been activated yesterday to try the multi user version of WordPress, and (beside of some setup troubles) it seems to be quite simple to manage. Some complaints about theme management: not all WP skins worked well also in WPMU. The hosted edition seems to run a bit more slowly than the standard WP, but the overall impression is good.